MISHKA x PEDX pres. ALWAYS DOPE Tuesday Feb 23rd @ Red Maple
02/21/2010, 16:17

Party people we have a HUGE night in store for you this week at Always Dope.. This is sure to break that cabin fever and make us all forget about this nasty B-more winter!

We’ll have Brooklyn NY and Bmore all under one roof shakin off to some of the DOPEST music on the East Coast!!

So call off work on Wednesday, get your crew together and let’s do it this Tuesday at ALWAYS DOPE!!

• Ninjasonik [ ]
Ninjasonik is a Brooklyn-based musical collaboration created by Reverend McFly, Telli “Bathroomsexxx” Gramz and DJ Teenwolf. In 2007, they began to record original songs and put out a mixtape titled “Ninjasonik: The Mix #1” which featured demos of their recordings mixed together with a handful of eclectic artists. In August of 2007, they performed their first show and since then have performed along side a long list of amazing artists, such as Japanther, The Death Set, Spank Rock, Dan Deacon, The Cool Kids, Team Robespierre, Matt & Kim, Ponytail, Fiasco, and many more. In summer 2008 they released their first EP on Chief Records and also performed at a handful of Rock The Bells dates opening for acts like Afrika Bambataa, DJ Blaqstarr, Murs, and B.O.B.

Musically speaking, Ninjasonik walks a fine line between rap/dance music and all out punk rock. It is not unusual to find them performing alongside rock/punk bands and usually their shows turn into a sweaty mess of people moshing to their bizarre mix of sound. They regularly cover acts like Bad Brains and Minor Threat and have also remixed acts like The Death Set and Team Robespierre.


• Sim-PLEX “Human Nature” Album Release Party
[ ]

Sim-PLEX consists of two band members, Marx & Jazz. Before Sim-PLEX, they were solo Hip-Hop acts who later decided to team-up after meeting in college. The name Sim-PLEX derives from two words, Simple and Complex, which explains their character (Simple) and mind set (Complex). Inspired by various artists such as Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, The Fugees, N.E.R.D, and Coldplay (just to name a few) Sim-PLEX provides a “breathe of fresh air” to those who appreciate music as an art form. The two band members are currently located in Baltimore, MD and with Baltimore’s lack of acceptance to new concepts, the duo has fought through adversity and ridicule just to try and open the city’s eyes to their sound. They have done way more than succeeded in doing so, with more than 15 different shows under their belt in just a 3 months time period at one point. After their first two projects (“…Sim-PLEX is not a word” & “The All That & Thensome” miniMIXTAPE) created a worthy buzz after hitting the internet and the streets of the DMV &  NYC, the duo is working on their 3rd project due out in late 2009 or early 2010. There’s none other comparable to the type of music they are providing with their conceptual songs and hidden messages. With Sim-PLEX creating their own musical lane, they are definitely the ones to be looking out for in the years to come.

• DJ Two Teks [ ]

• Cullen Stalin [ ]

• ALWAYS DOPE Resident DJs: Minus 9, B-side, Tom Delay, Mike Jointz, Hip Hop Dan, & DJ Cam-One

Dope sounds, Dope party people, Dope surroundings, nothing but Dopeness.


Dinner specials at Red Maple before the event.




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