NEW IN STORE: Isle of the Damned
03/25/2009, 20:19



The cult classic is here..come down and pick up one of a few limited edition dvds..You”ve never seen it like this..

Playing in PEDX?
03/21/2009, 12:00
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As you all know, the fellas at PEDX all listen to different things, but I catch so many questions about what I listened to. Some days it’s Jay-Z. Others it might be Lykke Li. You never know so because of that, I’ll start posting the music we listen to. You never know, you might like it…

Feb. 24th, 2009

UNI: “Before There Was Love” Mixtape

Family Business.
03/17/2009, 18:45
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Here at PEDX, we appreciate our own. I remember when I first bumped into Mikey Bills at my old job and telling him to come down and check the store out when he got an opportunity, but a few months later he ended up employed. I’m truly proud of the brother. He, with help, set up a showcase of regional talents down at the Ottobar on the 8th and it featured some good artists; preHISTORIC, led by a good guy I know, Z, was the headlining joint. Here are some photos, courtesy of GrungeCake>

Click the photos for full-size.

SugarCraft (formerly known as Cake)
03/17/2009, 17:59

We have a few oldy, but goodies from this amazing brand, SugarCraft, which was formerly known as Cake. IDK what was them otive behind the name change, maybe copyright issues, but the clothing doesn’t skip a beat. The NSFW inspired designs keep us wanting more. We have got these down at PEDX right now, so get yours while our size runs are still in. Peace.

Nike “Fresh Water” Pack.
03/17/2009, 12:22
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WHAT?! I need to have these in my liiiiiiiiiife. I’m getting these. OMG.

Carter: “Family Reunion”
03/14/2009, 19:58
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What up, people? It’s Cosi, as usual. Uh, last month, I gave you “Ketchup” by TiRon. This month I present to you Carter. He’s a southern guy but don’t let that fool you, dude rocks out on the mic. So, here…Peep the artwork, too. Great.

KiD CuDi- “Switching Lanes”
03/13/2009, 19:45
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Yo. KiD CuDi is really taking shit by storm. Like, serious. Hopefully, his album will come through in the clutch on some Robert Horry shit. This is a new joint for the Midnight Club: LA soundtrack. The beat and lyrics are fresh as usual. Check it out!

Kid CuDi- “Switching Lanes”

Amongst Friends Spring ’09
03/13/2009, 19:31
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Garth on “Amongst Friends”:

These fitteds are nice and clean……..we also just got 5 new styles of belts from Amongst Freinds so come check em out..also be on the look out for a lot more from AF..this spring we will be giving you a lot of nice cut and sew from these guys!! Click for larger images.

03/05/2009, 20:08
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I have been waiting for atleast two years for this shit. I read the “graphic novel”, now the movie drops tonight at 12:01am. I am so in the front row.

Moosedick Tee.
03/05/2009, 19:48
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We just got this new Moosdick tee in the store a bit ago. We only got a select size run in a few colors, so come by and check it out. It’s the “Up Your Ass” tee. Wild, right?