Twelve Bar Last Announcement.
02/27/2009, 01:21
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We only got TWO Twelve Bar windbreakers left. It’s still breexy outside and being fly never goes out of season, already know where I am going with this one.

Twelve Bar.

02/27/2009, 00:35
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These cost $5. OG….5 DOLLARS!

I’m not going to tell the story because I’ll get mad like when Iz told me for the first time. I’ve been scouring the earth. And he…*groans*…Let him tell you.

Click the photos.

Yeah?! This is inspiring me…
02/27/2009, 00:18
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…to get a PEDX tattoo.


Might Healthy (More to Come)
02/27/2009, 00:13
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We have an abundance of Mighty Healthy still from some past seasons. Who said there was something wrong with having an oldie but gooddy for a small price? Come by and check us out @ Fells Point for the details. We’ll post up the photos for the remaining tees soon.

02/26/2009, 23:33
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I wonder if Lebron has wings IN his sneakers. Atleast it’d make the rest of the NBA feel better that a 19 yr old used to dunk on EVERYONE like they were just babies. LOL!

TiRon: “Ketchup”
02/26/2009, 23:08
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Yeah, I might be from Brooklyn, but I show love to Left Coast artist. TiRon is one of the more talented newcomers that you might have the big misfortune of overlooking. This is is latest mixtape, “Ketchup”. Get it?

TiRon: “Ketchup”

02/26/2009, 16:56
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Just in case you were looking for some early ’08/late ’07 SOULD pieces, we do have them still in stock for a limited time. Stop by before you’re left out.We also have the crewnecks in a few off the tees shown below in the SOULD gallery. Later.